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Something Different

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Ahhhh there’s an old name……..Allrecipes.  Before Pinterest that was my go to website for recipes.  I really liked it- but I like to be able to look at different things on Pinterest and there I can pin things from allrecipes in Pinterest.  I didn’t want chicken, or ground beef so I got out my tenderized sirloins aka cube steak or whatever you want to call it and made this.  I made parmesan noodles with it because I knew the girls would eat those if they didn’t like the meat and some asparagus just steamed with some butter.


Just used tenderized steaks instead of regular old steak.


Easy peesy!  Cutting things up is the hardest part!

Did they Clean Their Plates?

Yep- all of us did, Dennis was gone so he doesn’t count. Meat was good, it wasn’t like the most amazing thing I have ever ate, and it didn’t look at all like the picture.  The girls didn’t ask for seconds, and I didn’t either.

Keep or Delete

I’ll keep it- I’m not a huge fan of steak with tomato sauce, it just isn’t something I really like, I feel like I’m cheating on steak- but it wasn’t bad.

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Dennis wanted Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Find the Recipe HERE!

I love bacon wrapped meatloaf – love it- this recipe was a little different- it took hamburger and made it into “sushi”. Well I don’t have a sushi mat- I just used aluminum foil- and it was pretty easy.  I used really thick cut bacon from our hog last summer, thinner bacon might have been better- but still good.  I served it with hash browns and glazed carrots!  YUM!

LOTS!  I pretty much just used the technique!  I really used the Pioneer Woman’s bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe along with this one.  What I really love about the Pioneer Woman’s recipe is the soaked bread in milk or for me half and half.

Here is what you do- Soak bread (two-three slices) in some milk or half and half (just cover the bread), add an egg, dried onions ( 1/2 tbsp) Greek seasoning I used about a tablespoon ( I love the stuff and use it all the time), salt and pepper to taste.  Soak it until you can stir it and it breaks down- 3 minutes or so. If its really runny you can add some bread crumbs  Add your beef (one lb) and stir/mix with your hands.  I let it sit in the fridge for 15 minutes before I spread it on the bacon.

If you make more of a traditional meatloaf cook it for an hour at 375 degrees.  Let rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting or it will fall apart.


It was easy for me- maybe not a beginner- but not too hard.

Did they clean their plates?

Yep- everyone- its Sunday night so Austin was here- not sure he tasted it- it was gone before I took a bite!  Harper got seconds!  Hadley didn’t like the onions in it, but she still ate it.

Keep or Delete

KEEP!  It was a really good way to make the meatloaf and it looks so cool when you make it!

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Low and Slow

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Recipe Here!

Sometimes I forget which boards I have, maybe I should fix that…..  anyway- its a snow day in Iowa- Blizzard Warning- we kinda got missed last night, but more on the way.  What a better day to have something in the crock pot, but I didn’t think of it until 1  pm- so I needed something that didn’t take 8 hours- so smothered beef tips it is!!!



Not many changes to this recipe!

1- I hate peeling potatoes – if I had some Simply Diced Potatoes I would have used them, but I didn’t – so small size b potatoes that I just cut into quarters worked.

2-  I didn’t have canned corn- I hate it!  So frozen corn it was!  I didn’t add any extra water even though the corn in the recipe was undrained.

3- I added garlic.


Easy- SUPER easy- hardest part- cutting the meat- which is easy!  Tip- Don’t have your meat all the way defrosted- still I little frozen- WAY easier to cut!

Did they Clean Their Plates???

Mom-  Really good- I would like the meat a little more seasoned- and the sauce too- I even added garlic- but I could have added more.  The potatoes in it were great skin on and all buttery and perfect.

On a scale of 5 I give it a 4

Girls- Since it was a snow day they snacked all day so weren’t very hungry, but they liked the meat and corn.

Dad- He ate everything and then some!  The meat melted in your mouth!


Keep- great meal to put on low or high!

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Chicken, Bacon, Cream Cheese Mini Taquitos- Oh MY!

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Recipe HERE!


Ok – so I did something I don’t usually do- I kinda did a comparison- a what????  I followed the recipe- sort of- and but changed a few things……  PS- I won’t make two very often- especially two ways so enjoy it while you can!!!


1- I had some ground beef and since I only had 1 can of chicken I did a half and half- I added a small individual chili can to the beef, some salsa, half of the cream cheese and put it inside the tortillas.

2-  I used Recipe Bacon Bits- way, way, way faster!!!

3- Who has time to cut those little circles- so I put the filling in half of the tortilla and folded it- worked awesome- you can cut them in half or thirds- really easy to eat!  A little harder to fry though

4-  I didn’t have fresh avocado, but I did have some Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs- so I added some sour cream, mayo, dill, a dash of onion powder and garlic (it already had the vinegar in it and onion powder and garlic, but I like those so I added more!!!)

5-  I don’t like frying so I baked half in my oven at 425- just had to put a little cooking spray on the outside of the tortillas!


Easy- Hadley helped with most of it- she did the guacamole and mixed the chicken mixture- I fried and did the oven.  Baking is MUCH easier then frying.

Did they Clean Their Plates???

Mom-  I liked the baked better then the fried- and I LOVE fried tortillas!  It was warmer and crispier!  The filling needed some spice- maybe some salsa or garlic- was a little bland.

On a scale of 5 I give it a 3.5

Girls- Hadley had both- she liked the baked chili tortillas.  Harper only had the chili.

4 year old eat half  7 year old ate 1 bite of the chicken and all of the chili.

No Dad tonight- he is working!!!


Probably keep- it would make a good app for a party and the dipping sauce ROCKED!!!  Not sure I can eat plain old guacamole again!!!

Sorry for the crappy photo- didn’t feel like getting out the good camera- I served Birds Eye Southwest Protein Mix on the side- would be good mixed into either.  Left is fried and right is baked.