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Something Different

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Ahhhh there’s an old name……..Allrecipes.  Before Pinterest that was my go to website for recipes.  I really liked it- but I like to be able to look at different things on Pinterest and there I can pin things from allrecipes in Pinterest.  I didn’t want chicken, or ground beef so I got out my tenderized sirloins aka cube steak or whatever you want to call it and made this.  I made parmesan noodles with it because I knew the girls would eat those if they didn’t like the meat and some asparagus just steamed with some butter.


Just used tenderized steaks instead of regular old steak.


Easy peesy!  Cutting things up is the hardest part!

Did they Clean Their Plates?

Yep- all of us did, Dennis was gone so he doesn’t count. Meat was good, it wasn’t like the most amazing thing I have ever ate, and it didn’t look at all like the picture.  The girls didn’t ask for seconds, and I didn’t either.

Keep or Delete

I’ll keep it- I’m not a huge fan of steak with tomato sauce, it just isn’t something I really like, I feel like I’m cheating on steak- but it wasn’t bad.


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