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The Girls Wanted Chicken

Recipe Link HERE!

The girls wanted chicken, I wanted something easy.  So off to my pinboard!  I ran across this.  It’s not a pretty picture that was pinned- which being the visual eater I am I was surprised I pinned it, but the description said 4 ingredients (they description at the bottom of the pin is wrong- its not sour cream).  So I thought let’s try it!!!  I made some steamed veggies and mashed potato balls with it- another Pinterest recipe- but I’ll save that for another day!


I marinated the chicken in a little Italian Salad dressing for like an hour before I cooked it- other then that I didn’t do anything different!


0- Anyone can make this – I think Dennis could make this!

Did They Clean Their Plate?

Yep- everyone- Hadley had seconds!!!  It was really moist and really quite good!  We all liked it- I think it would warm up well for left overs.

Keep or Delete

It’s a keeper- it would be something easy to make on a school night when I have 100 things to do!  To be honest I could delete it because its so easy, but I’ll keep it there to remind me to make it every once in a while!


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