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Soups On!!!!

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Recipe Here!

I was feeling like soup!  Hadley is sick- she hasn’t ate anything- Harper will eat what I put in from of her and Dennis is working- so I get to pick!!!  So its ZUPPA!!!!  I love this stuff from Olive Garden!  One good thing about living in Iowa is the meat its wonderful!  I know where my meat is coming from because we butcher hogs and steers that were grown 3 miles from our house.    There are lockers in every little town- our local one was in Bizzare Foods- they make the most amazing brats!  I also can get it MSG free and when you battle migraines like my niece and I do that is a great thing to be able to do.  Its is a large investment in the beginning but you end up paying like $3 per lb for everything- but when you butcher 1000 lbs!



  1.  I used regular sausage- not spicy – my family are wimps!
  2.  I didn’t have heavy whipping cream so 2% milk had to do- whole milk would have been better- but it is what it is.
  3. I didn’t put the Kale in the whole thing- my family won’t like it, but I do so I took enough kale for my bowl and added a little water, put it in the microwave for 45 secs- it was perfect!
  4. I didn’t use a slow cooker- did it on my stove top, it was quick- 30 minutes to make sure my potatoes were soft then made everything else- 45 minutes tops! But- fry your sausage in a different pan- my soup turned darker.


Easy- super easy- Hadley could do it!

Did they Clean Their Plates?

EVERYONE!!!  YES!  They all loved it- but remember I’m the only one who had kale in mine!  It added a nice little flavor to it, but the green scared off the rest of the family.

Keep or Delete

KEEP!- I loved it!  I will make it again- it would be great for a pot luck at school for the slow cooker!






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